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why mobile marketing works...

Mobile marketing has become a very popular in recent years.  While considered a modern method of marketing, it’s popularity results from the same traditional attributes of all successful marketing methods.

  • Client / Customer Visibility –  an essential goal in all marketing efforts is to present your business message where potential customers will receive your message.  Approximately 93% of American adults own a mobile phone.
  • Personal Touch – a mobile message, even sent as part of a bulk distribution, arrives on an individual device.  The device owner is the only person that will see this message which instills a feeling of personal communication.
  • Fast Delivery – message sent, message received, and message read.  On average, this process takes place within 60 seconds.  Similar to the early days of widespread email use when many would sprint to their PC when AOL announced “You’ve Got Mail“, we read our SMS messages as they arrive.
  • Affordable & Effective – the return on investment is often unmatched.  Every business would benefit from a SuperBowl commercial, but more than 99% could never achieve an effective ROI.  The vast majority of businesses would achieve an effective ROI with mobile marketing.
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more than text messages...

The initial introduction to mobile marketing for most individuals came through receiving SMS or text communication from a business.  Bulk messaging remains the foundation of mass mobile marketing, but mobile marketing offers many more features to increase effective interaction between business and consumer.

AFES Mobile Marketing includes many of the most popular mobile marketing features.  A mobile marketing strategy should include multiple features to provide an optimal value for the business and the consumer.  Functional features such as appointment reminders have proven more effective and efficient that traditional voice calls or email, while interactive features such as contests and polling increase engagement with the customer while retrieving valuable information for the business.

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