AFES Marketing Services provides robust tools that obtain an optimal return on investment in local and regional markets.  In line with our financial services, our marketing solutions have been extrapolated from the arsenal of larger corporations, offering significant value to the small and medium-sized business.  Our marketing tools are not unique on the surface, but our implementation is customized for a local and regional customer base.  Each one of our marketing solutions are synergistic with one another.

Key elements of solutions offered from AFES Marketing Services include:

  • Market proven Return on Investment (ROI)
  • Effective & Efficient for Small and Medium-Sized Business
  • Synergistic with other AFES Marketing solutions
AFES Marketing Services
AFES Website Development

The small and medium-sized business must utilize the opportunity created by a well developed website to communicate a message to their desired audience.

Mobile Marketing AFES

Every potential customer is never far from their mobile device, and mobile marketing is the most effective direct marketing for small and medium-sized business.


Search Engine Optimization is essential for potential customers to locate your company within more than 600 Million websites.  We “localize” your SEO.

Social Media AFES

Social media is an excellent marketing vehicle for small and medium-sized businesses.  We ensure your social media footprint is effective and professional. Begin building your social reputation.

AFES Email Marketing

Email Marketing remains an effective medium to communicate a company message, and should be within the arsenal of every small and medium-sized business.

AFES Reputation Management

Online reputation can push your business to new heights or critically injure your ability to grow.  Ensure that your business reputation maintains an optimal image.