AFES Funding

Small business owners understand that cash shortages are not emergencies, but are often a normal challenge of business.  Too often these shortages cause more than stress for the owner, causing the business to miss opportunities which could have a negative impact for the life of the business. Contact AFES to discuss funding options.

Cash Advances AFES
Cash Advances & Protection Funds
If needed today, or in the future, obtaining a source for cash
advances will ensure your business is prepared for the
unexpected. Cash available within 48 hours of request.
AFES Capital Leasing
Capital Leasing
In a technology driven economy, the difference
between companies that grow and companies
that fail to keep up often is related to the ability
to utilize effective and efficient assets. Capital
leasing offers many business advantages.
Factoring AFES
A slow receivable turnover cycle can often become a
difficult problem for an otherwise healthy business.
The sales are happening, but the amount of time to
receive the cash causes short-term cash flow
shortages. Factoring receivables will quickly
deposit cash into the business account without
slowing operations.