AFES Financial Services provides solutions that diminish the gap in resources between large corporate decision makers and individuals with similar responsibilities at smaller companies.  The common phrase, “the numbers don’t lie“, is accurate only if the numbers are accurately interpreted.

Providing small and medium-sized business managers with full service accounting / bookkeeping, payroll and other financial solutions ensure AFES clients have accurate information and efficient solutions to support their business operation.  Our financial services and solutions are customized to each clients preference, and efficiently work in combination with one another.

AFES Financial Services
AFES Accounting & Bookkeeping

AFES offers full service accounting and bookkeeping service to small and medium-sized businesses.  We offer our service as both an alternative to all in-house resources and as an executive service providing senior level guidance to in-house resources.

AFES Payroll

AFES offers a convenient payroll solution designed to provide small and medium-sized businesses the level of payroll resource used by large corporations.  Our payroll service is a complete solution including the filing and paying of payroll taxes.

AFES Merchant Services

AFES next generation merchant services with robust technology enabled payment systems that include card not present, integrated point of sale, mobile payments, terminal management and deployment solutions that benefits both company and customer.