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AFES creates custom business plans for small and medium-sized businesses that illustrate a clear narrative, assumption driven financial models, accompanied by forecasted financial statements and related supplementary information. We work with our client to ensure the product exceeds the needs of business stakeholders. Contact AFES to begin your plan to succeed.

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Although marketing is a segment of business planning, it is beneficial and often essential to engage in an in-depth plan related to marketing strategy for a business.  Marketing is a tactical element within the business plan, requiring more frequent reviews and updates to remain effective. AFES develops effective marketing plans that remain at the core of the business strategy.

project management

Strategy and implementation projects often create a unique problem for small and medium-sized businesses.  Unlike larger companies with project management specialists on staff, projects often become secondary tasks and self managed. This approach is inefficient in the best case scenarios, and ineffective in most scenarios. AFES has the experience and ability to successfully manage internal projects.

AFES works with business ownership / management to progress projects within an agreed upon timeline.  As important, AFES will manage the project budget constraints.  Our experience in project management will ensure the project is completed in an efficient and effective manner. AFES will operate as a primary point of responsibility for task completion for management to ensure vertical communication is optimal.

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