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AFES Financial Services
Financial Services - AFES

AFES Financial Services includes solutions for the core financial functions within the business operation. Although many of these tasks are essential to sustain the business as a going concern, AFES ensures clients implement the optimal financial solution to increase efficiency and effectiveness. Hours within the day are often the most valuable resource of a growing business, and AFES Financial Service solutions allow the client to focus on product, service and growth.

AFES Marketing Services

Small and medium-sized businesses encounter unique marketing challenges.  The approach and implementation is often very different than their larger corporate counterparts. Although different, effective marketing efforts are as important to the small town business as they are to the large national corporation. AFES Marketing Services provides solutions and services that considers the challenges of communicating and attracting customer demand within a targeted market.

Marketing Services - AFES
AFES Consulting Services
Consulting Services - AFES

AFES Consulting Services extend beyond solutions for core business operations. Each business has unique challenges, and requires custom solutions to resolve those challenges. AFES embraces a  “dirty hands” approach, which includes both identifying the solution and remaining involved with implementing the chosen solution.  Our consulting service will partner with clients to develop solutions that promote efficiency and growth within the clients operation.

AFES Business Services

AFES Business Services includes solutions provided to small and medium-sized businesses that are outside of core Financial & Marketing Services, and have proven to be effective in improving operations.  Similar to solutions offered in Financial & Marketing Services, AFES Business Services includes solutions provided to consulting clients.  As client and market demands change, we will grow our services offered outside of core Financial & Marketing Services.

Business Services - AFES