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AFES, LLC is a consulting practice that specializes in providing financial, operational, and marketing solutions for small and medium-sized businesses.  Since inception, our founding belief is the most significant barrier to continued growth for small and medium-sized businesses is a limitation of critical resources.  For years many experts have repeated the traditional theory of small business failures being primarily linked to flawed concept or inadequate effort. While these are critical elements, we believe the inability to support operations with optimal resources often supersedes both concept and effort as the primary reason for limited business growth and failure.  AFES provides services and solutions to support our clients efforts to navigate beyond potential barriers and remain on a path of continued growth.

We strive to be a long-term partner with each of our clients.  In an era where many service providers seek to provide “cookie cutter” solutions based on an industry expectation, AFES Consulting Service SolutionsAFES takes a holistic approach to service each client with an optimal solution.  In contrast to most other consulting firms, our focus is on the “bottom line” or optimizing net income instead of the “top line” or gross revenue.  Optimizing the “bottom line” is synonymous with increasing the resources at the disposal of the business to ensure continued growth.  As a bottom line advisory service provider, we are able to identify and implement solutions that fit within the budget constraints known by the majority of small and medium-sized organizations.  Optimal resources and solutions will redefine the potential of a business.

Managing Member

D. E. Adkins, II, MBA
D. E. Adkins, II

Mr. Adkins founded AFES after experience in his private sector career convinced him that too many small and medium-sized businesses struggled, often leading to failure, because a lack of resources.  He spent the early part of his career with Big 4 public accounting firms Ernst & Young LLP and Deloitte & Touche LLP.  Upon leaving public accounting, he spent over a decade in management and executive positions with private, venture funded, and publicly traded companies (NYSE & NASDAQ).  During his career, he witnessed many companies with innovative concepts and admirable work ethic never reach their potential because of their inferior resources within key areas of the business.

“As a consultant, I continually see the difference between small and medium-sized business owners / managers that make decisions that are supported by up to date financial information, marketing campaign results, and free from the stress of attempting to run a back office with minimal resources, compared to those who accept that method is unattainable by a smaller company.  One grows and the other struggles at best.  We strive to ensure AFES clients are in the first group”

D. E. Adkins, II